PSIcapture: What’s it & why to use it?…

Each and every organization desires to be a lot more efficient we offer you a software program remedy that considerably lowers the workload of most place of work workers that require to method paperwork and info. It performs with pretty much any info method, these kinds of as document management, data administration or line of business method.
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The answer operates in practically any sized company and nearly each and every vertical industry or specialty. Leveraging the technologies we offer, alongside with the technologies commercially accessible in the cloud, it is really scalable and has a quite prompt payback.

The automatic extraction of info from documents, and the motion of that information into any technique, such as your ERP, CRM or IBM i Document Administration system will help save your workers associates several hrs each and every 7 days, for every man or woman. The PSIcapture solution turns into a power multiplier and will enable them to emphasis on the much more vital elements of their employment, basically supplying them their employment back. The stop results also consist of you, or your company, deferring the following new employ to a later date and to do much more with your recent personnel if you want.

We make your knowledge do the heavy lifting
How? We make your info do the hefty lifting…
Today’s organizations are faced with the dilemma of producing their info protected from intrusion although concurrently producing it effortlessly available for workers. In an age the place vital company information is communicated in any quantity of formats—emails, faxes, mail, documents, pictures, attachments—harnessing all of a company’s knowledge to truly make the most of it is a problem. Businesses are often swimming in worthwhile, actionable info that they want to use but are not able to revenue from it because of to outmoded procedures. It is an humiliation of untapped riches, ready to be claimed.

PSIcapture’s superior document seize and knowledge extraction technologies were produced with the real needs of businesses in head. PSIcapture let businesses to avail by themselves of their information—from physical documents, digital documents or e-mails, and even incoming faxes—by instantly extracting the essential information, converting the files to searchable PDF’s, and rapidly routing it all to in which it is necessary.

How can PSIcapture help me?
How can PSIcapture help me? Doc data saves time – and consequently, money…
The automated extraction of data from paperwork, and the movement of that info into any method, this sort of as your ERP, CRM or Doc Administration system will help save your person employees associates numerous hours each 7 days. The PSIcapture answer turns into a power multiplier and will enable them to target on the more vital areas of their jobs, basically providing them their positions again. The conclude final results also incorporate you, or your business, deferring the subsequent new employ to a later on date and to do far more with your current personnel if you want.

PSIcapture Confirmed Rewards
PSIcapture Verified Benefits…
»»Save Cash.
The value in labor for personnel to commit time processing, browsing for and/or reproducing misplaced files as nicely as the expense of printing and getting paper add up quite rapidly. The PSIcapture solution often pays for by itself inside just a couple of quick months.

»»Rapid Accessibility.
Having fast but secure accessibility to company files is critical to successfully working a enterprise. PSIcapture offers an efficient, extensive and person-friendly way to seize your organization’s files and seamlessly route them to a content administration technique.

»»Efficient Personnel.
Improve your employees’ ability to obtain the data they need to have to carry out their employment. Get rid of busywork like manually keying details and rummaging cabinets for bodily files and you unlock their productivity prospective.

»»Better Buyer Services.
It is a lot more critical than at any time to make certain your clients have a constructive experience with your business. Streamline your doc processes, make sure your workers have quick information access, and they will supply your buyers with the best expertise possible.

»»Security & Compliance.
Info is a lot safer and more safe when stored digitally than in physical file cabinets. Electronic files aren’t susceptible to all-natural disasters like fires or floods, and it is much less complicated to ensure that only the correct people have entry to these files. The PSIcapture document capture software program has been used by many companies that need secure processing and compliance with laws this sort of as HIPAA and FINRA.

Key Industry Verticals
Crucial Industry Verticals…

»» Schooling
»» Economic Services
»» Government/Nonprofit
»» Health care
»» Lawful
»» Production
»» Enterprise Method Outsourcing
Capture Solutions
Capture Solutions…

»» Accounts Payable & Receivable
»» Situation Management
»» Claims Processing
»» Client & Buyer Service
»» Human Assets
»» Mailroom Automation
»» Records Processing
»» Product sales Office
Fingers-cost-free Advanced Info Capture
It all commences with palms-free Superior Info Capture…
, our flagship merchandise, is a sturdy document capture and information extraction application. With the capacity to automobile-process from 100 doc photographs a working day, to above one million per working day, PSIcapture was created as a scalable, lightning fast, rock continual resource to fulfill all the data collection requirements of an group, including electronic mail seize, straightforward doc scanning and importing, forms processing, and far more intricate metadata capture and extraction. After extracting crucial indexing details, PSIcapture can then publish the pictures and/or information into any number of assorted company processing and storage options – such as folders, databases, CRM’s, document management and content material administration methods.

PSIcapture is also created to be potential-proof, therefore protecting your investment decision. In excess of time, corporations will use a variety of scanning devices and doc management purposes. PSIcapture has the flexibility to very easily combine with any scanning device, and with the press of a button, seamlessly route info to much more than 60 DMS and ECM techniques. No subject the dimensions, scope or distribution of an organization, PSIcapture can make document processes straightforward, efficient, and best of all, fully automatic.

PSIcapture Selected Functions
PSIcapture Picked Features…
Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to “read” an complete document and change it into a searchable PDF. Use Zone OCR, or Optical Mark Recognition (OMR), to locate and report specific information on any graphic for indexing purposes.

»»Multi-Core OCR

Pump up the quantity with up to sixteen-Core OCR functionality. For high quantity end users, underneath severe deadlines, PSIcapture can enhance processing speeds up to 12X the standard velocity when OCR is used in a workflow. In other terms, mad rapidly!


By no means once more independent your documents before scanning, if you want. Most of the time, PSIcapture can be trained to instantly identify and independent files, negating the require for pre-scan separation—a Massive time waster!
(This is the most requested functionality for Advanced Capture merchandise, and we give it absent for cost-free, if you spend for every thing else.)

»»eMail Capture

Firms can easily have email messages and their attachments immediately ingested, processed, and migrated to any quantity of last locations. Straightforward to established up for administrators and no stop user training required.

»»Table Extraction

Automatically determine rows and columns in documents you know, the “stuff” about the “things” you ordered. We can extract each and every row as an individual record and publish it to a database or accounting method for easier, more quickly processing. Time Saver!


Our fancy term for connectors to exactly where the files and info go to relaxation and get completely ready for company. “Out of the box”, PSIcapture can migrate to more than 60 file formats, DMS, ECM, BPO, and CRM’s. If in which you want almost everything to go is not on the list, ask, since we have been identified to compose new migrations, or produce load files for easier importing.

PSIcapture Licensing
PSIcapture Licensing…
PSIcapture Scan Station:
PSIcapture licenses are concurrent and based mostly on annual quantity. The Enterprise yearly volume concurrent licenses are proven underneath:
»»30,000 photographs for every year
»»75,000 pictures for each yr
»»200,000 images for each 12 months
»»500,000 images for each year
»»1,000,000 images for every 12 months
»»3,000,000 photos for each 12 months
»»5,000,000 photographs for each 12 months
»»Zero rely licenses continue being (need to be added to a restricted quantity license)
»»Test license @ 12,000 or @ 120,000 photographs for every year (constrained one particular per organization)
»»Custom quantity sets can be certified to in shape specifications outside of our volumes outlined right here, speak to Income for far more information.

Every of these is a solitary concurrent license, and the yearly volumes can be blended in any way. If you want to scan 260,000 photographs for every year, you can acquire one two hundred,000 license and two 30,000 licenses, which will give you three concurrent licenses and a shared image pool of 260,000 pictures per yr. If you require extra customers but not extra once-a-year volumes, you can add a zero-count license to a restricted quantity license.

If you are preparing on making use of the automobile-import alternative inside of PSIcapture, we strongly recommend you include one license to the required variety of concurrent consumers. If you need 3 end users, in addition vehicle-import, we recommend you purchase four consumers, as the automobile-import process will take in a license.

We also have an alternative to include to the above further graphic counts, known as non-recurring quantity counts. Quantity counts are a reserve financial institution of photographs you can obtain to do a massive volume project, or to guarantee that you can continue to scan if you exceed your yearly allocation. They are also wonderful for project dependent companies, since you can purchase an entry degree annually volume license and acquire volume based mostly on what you need to have to method. Quantity depend licenses are purchased for the certain bundle that is chosen.

PSIcapture Term/On-premise Membership:
PSIcapture licenses are obtained on a phrase subscription foundation, indicating that the license will expire after an agreed-on time. Our present time period/on-premise subscriptions are accessible at 12, 36 or sixty-month intervals. Our assist and servicing is provided during the certified expression. On expiration of the license, your business will be capable to renew with a new interval or license configuration, as wanted. Updates for further end users or quantity quantities can be extra any time throughout your phrase. We supply personalized conditions to in shape requirements outside the house of the phrases shown here. Contact Revenue for more specifics.

PSIcapture Scan Only Workstation:
The Scan Only license is created for large quantity environments, this kind of as mailroom, facility administration or Provider Bureau operations. The license is typically used exactly where a devoted license would be running higher-speed scanners or auto-import of pictures while producing new batches. This license does not include OCR or ICR engines (nor can it be extra) so separation policies are not able to consist of the OCR, ICR or ADE options.

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