Genetic Memory – Increase Your Existence & Wellbeing Instantaneously!

Do you want to get in personal speak to with your very own genetic codes? You can, and by performing so, can appropriate even harmful mutations appear better and truly feel better straightaway the key to performing this is genetic memory?

Puzzled? Read through on for how to make an instantaneous lifestyle modify that can be breathtaking.

This is completed by “remembering” by genetic memory. This is the Konov Basic principle.

Sergey Konov is a writer, thinker, and movie producer. He has many films to his credit, and has proposed we are all able to don’t forget via our genetic memory. He postulates that this memory is obtainable, and once getting accessed it, the correct coding can be remembered, and re-mounted (so to say) like a computer software can.

Implications of the Konov Principle

Assume you are sick with some disease. By employing the Konov Principle, you can revisit the time when the diseased portion of you was complete and appropriate. This new condition is a incorrect coding on the genetic memory matrix, and by truly obtaining in touch with yourself, the re-install is possible

This implies you can remedy diseases, re-set up your youthfulness, end negative habits, and lose fat, and so on. The implications are countless.

Genetic Memory

Undoubtedly the discoverers of DNA have been very astute in their conclusions, and identified the four coded proteins arranged in certain coded matrices. Nevertheless, are we only these sequences of chemicals? Absolutely nothing a lot more?

Sergey Konov has explained that the chemicals are only the medium to keep the memory, and the mechanism of genetic memory is not however recognized. Not entirely in any case. The simple pattern of types that create these reminiscences is named Morphogenetic Fields (Rupert Sheldrake). Morphogenetic (providing beginning to type) seems to be the controlling system that writes the genetic memory, and is recording in the genetic codes.

Implementing the Konov Principle

Employing firstly the rest tactics of yoga, then yogic meditation on the basis of the genetic memory provides a single into direct consciousness of the genetic memory itself. In this case, remembering is accomplished by recognizing, as when conscious of the genetic memory of a certain celebration or situation, total understanding is instantaneously felt. 1 basically is aware the perfect contained in the genetic memory.

For , there is a diseased organ that has ceased to perform properly. This organ had been ideal at start, and labored extremely effectively for many many years. Contained in the genetic memory is that best sample for the organ. This need to be accessed, and when so retrieved, superimposed on the new memory for the diseased organ.

Healing therefore can get location, as the genetic codes will commence to mutate back again to their excellent and authentic combinations. The healing follows at the mobile level, then bodily, and the organ will get better.

The key as a result is obtaining in contact with the genetic memory. This aware effort is the Konov Principle, and its effectiveness should not be doubted. There are many documents of spontaneous therapeutic (by whatsoever approach its called), but in truth, the healer or the sufferer discovered the way to the excellent matrix contained in the genetic memory.

Practical Applications

It is recommended that prior to a single attempts to attempt to speak to his or her genetic memory, he or she need to find that technique to 1st chill out the entire body, and control the feelings of the thoughts. There are many yogic strategies that display how to do this.

When this is accomplished, immediate and good make contact with with the genetic memory is attainable, and the benefits are instant and spectacular.

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